About us

Who are we?

The activities of a modern company are impossible without the use of information systems that promote the development and management of the business. We are a group of people who know a lot about the services of corporate communications systems, its deployment, and management, as well as colocation, which allows you to place your own equipment in a specialized data center.

Here at this blog, we will represent our experience in VoIP collocation, the challenges we have faced while setting up this service at the enterprises and for corporate clients. Colocation is one of the mandatory services that ensure the smooth and stable operation of any company. Colocation is the placement of client servers on special sites (data centers). Thanks to this service, the server is supported by a multi-level redundancy of communication channels, providing uninterrupted power and organizing the necessary climate parameters.

What do we do?

Collect the basic information on VoIP, telecommunications systems, and information technologies

Create how to and guide articles and post here

How to contact us?

Please, send all your suggestions, requests and any information you want us to highlight here at the blog at info@voipcolocation.net

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