Are you ready for the Internet of Things in industrial production?

Are you ready for the Internet of Things in industrial production?

In the industry of industrial production, tangible changes are taking place. Having more and more opportunities for realizing prospects, development-related data-driven technology manufacturers face a difficult choice.

Then you have to decide which technologies Of the Internet of Things will enable them to realize the greatest benefits over time, funds, and human resources spent on initiatives in this sphere.

The founders of a marketplace for manufacturers to promote their products and machine-building specialists to find necessary industrial components SourceMe, say

We believe that the IoT is not only a technology but also the foundation of a new production system/production philosophy for companies from different industries. Like any production system, the IoT requires a significant transformation of methods, internal business processes, production, and management culture of companies. Therefore, in our opinion, the main task in the implementation of IoT is not so much the transition to new technology and IT solutions, but changing business models.

According to our research, dedicated to various industries industrial production, manufacturers have already achieved significant progress towards wider the use of data in their activities. By responding to customer needs, they are also embedded in their product’s intelligent systems in order to improve functionality. Apart from everything other things, manufacturers connect their products to the “Internet of Things” to track their performance throughout the entire life cycle. it meets the expectations of customers who won’t get smart products and gives the opportunity to offer in the complex with such products additional services. There are a number of questions to be asked to pay attention to manufacturers, planning to start implementing IoT strategies or those wishing to take additional measures within the framework of an existing strategy.

Some of these questions are presented below:

  • Have you taken an inventory process, technology, and equipment, whose effectiveness is time in real-time not tracked, but which require applying this approach?
  • Does your organization check out maximum benefit from operating rooms data (for example, does any data remain unused or did not find the optimal applications)?
  • Does your organization lead constant work to improve data presentation (in the mobile application) to ensure data availability, necessary for further action?
  • Does your organization provide employees access to operating real-time data across the organization (e.g. not only for production personnel and technical specialists, but also employees of the procurement service, department R&D, and even board members directors)?
  • Do you have products in your portfolio, equipped with communication opportunities that in the future can be used to provide additional services in the complex with these products?
  • If you have the ability to track the performance characteristics of their products, can you use this data in order to improve products or even the development of completely new products?
  • Are there additional data and analytical materials that could you share with outside parties (we can talk about providing end data users from providers, distributors) in order to improve the efficiency of the operating room activities and strengthen relationships with clients?
  • Have you researched how to use cloud platforms for processing information, storage of large data sets, and data analysis?
  • Have you selected employees who must undergo special training, to help you develop your organization’s strategies for the “Internet of Things” and implementation control over its implementation?
  • What are the elements of your strategy in the field The Internet of Things should be implemented with internal resources, and what works can be with more efficiency performed by third-party contractors?
  • Does your organization consider employability candidates with specialized knowledge and skills in analysis and data processing to assist in the implementation of your strategy in the field “Internet of Things”?
  • Has your organization completed an assessment of opportunities to obtain additional benefits from using their operational data in technology augmented reality new generations?

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Posted on: October 17, 2020Ana Nichols