Telecom Market

The course for transformation, despite the crisis

In 2016, the telecommunications market around the world continues to show signs of saturation, and its players are looking for new niches for further growth. One of the main drivers is the provision of integrated services at the junction of telecom and IT. Quite often recently the term “digital transformation of the telecom industry” is mentioned. The essence of this transformation is that the model of business operators, built on the provision of traditional communication, becomes unprofitable, and requires the transition to new services, relying on a modernized telecom infrastructure. These new services include the provision of video content, banking services, services based on the processing of large amounts of accumulated data. Continue reading

Learn How to Organize a Workshop, Study Group, or a Seminar with Bulk SMS

Purposes of using SMS for the advertisement of the seminars, workshops, discussion groups.

The hostess or a lead of various workshops and master classes often need to use such ad tool as sending bulk SMS as a means of informing the huge group of people. SMS service can benefit where it is necessary to tell about the place and time of the meeting quickly.

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