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Are you ready for the Internet of Things in industrial production?

In the industry of industrial production, tangible changes are taking place. Having more and more opportunities for realizing prospects, development-related data-driven technology manufacturers face a difficult choice.

Then you have to decide which technologies Of the Internet of Things will enable them to realize the greatest benefits over time, funds, and human resources spent on initiatives in this sphere.

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Ultra HD: Evolution or Revolution

The global television industry is on the verge of another technological transformation: HD and Full HD are replaced by ultra-high definition television (Ultra HD). The fact that the future behind him, no one has no doubt. However, market participants are still lost in conjecture, how quickly the generation of formats of television content will change. Continue reading

Find out the Phenomenon that is typical for IP-telephony – Jitter

Another phenomenon that is typical for IP-telephony is jitter, or, otherwise, the random delay in the distribution of the packet.

Jitter is determined by three factors:

  • Limited bandwidth or improper operation of active network devices
  • High signal propagation delay
  • Thermal noise

The most commonly used method of combating jitter is a jitter buffer that stores a certain number of packets.

Typically, the dynamic buffer length adjustment is provided throughout the lifetime of the connection. Heuristic algorithms are used to select the best length. Continue reading