How Can We Do Bulk SMS Marketing?

How Can We Do Bulk SMS Marketing?

Mobile marketing is not something that loses its popularity from year to year. On the contrary! It is gaining momentum and becoming one of the pillars of all advertising in the world.

Mobile marketing is the future of advertising. We’re serious!

The topic of the importance of mobile marketing has been repeatedly raised in our blog, but with the flow of time this type of advertising is gaining momentum and shows more and more quality results. Therefore, here and now, especially for those who have recently joined us, we will tell you why this direction “sells” and “will sell”.

The business area is in constant need of finding creative solutions to retain customers and to constantly heat up their attention. Marketing allows you to develop outstanding new approaches that guarantee the curiosity of the buyers.

Do you think this is advertising? Not really.

Advertising is, in reality, a huge set of techniques, among which there is a special place for mobile marketing.

Statistics show that the modern human cannot do without mobile phones, and, therefore, to interest him easier than ever: it is enough to send SMS.

Why does the bulk SMS marketing attract attention?

The answer is simple: checking mail and SMS messengers for many people has become a reflex;

Today’s information flow is sometimes overloaded, and SMS is one of the convenient options for obtaining data. Now you write to a friend, in 10 minutes to a relative, and half an hour later to a colleague. You will always be aware of the events.

The feeling of loneliness makes many people not to let the phone out of their hands and this is the advantage of those who apply bulk SMS in their business.

Foreign Agencies of mobile marketing has launched this movement. Two marketing companies in the US called “Interactive Advertising Bureau” and “Mobile Marketing Association” were the first to think about the possibility of interaction with mobile operators to increase demand for goods and services. In recent years, this direction has seriously increased. Today, the American mobile advertising market has a value of more than $ 1.2 billion. In Europe, this direction has also been developed. Since 2002, SMS marketing has been actively used by entrepreneurs in business and every month about 100 million advertising SMS are distributed to all regions of European countries.

What are the advantages of using SMS marketing?

  • This is an opportunity to use short numbers with the formation, or a personal domain of the company;
  • Increase customer loyalty and customize feedback;
  • Increasing the number of sales;
  • The personification of every message you send;
  • The possibility of using creative developments.
  • You can make individual SMS mailings that will be more interesting to recipients than intrusive advertising on the Internet, on TV and on other media.
  • By completing the consent form for receiving messages, the client provides maximum information that can later be used to please him.
  • Simple SMS greetings are able to melt the seemingly icy heart of the client.
  • Provided discounts and bonuses, timely notification, offers in accordance with the interests of the client and the region of his residence, will help to achieve business heights.

SMS marketing allows you to expand your existing customer base and profit, and Mobile Marketing Agency will help to form a winning strategy and develop interesting and unusual approaches to customers.

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Posted on: November 7, 2018Ana Nichols