Learn How to Organize a Workshop, Study Group, or a Seminar with Bulk SMS

Learn How to Organize a Workshop, Study Group, or a Seminar with Bulk SMS

The objectives of bulk SMS notifications for the workshop:

  • Reminder of payment
  • Report on the place and time of the meeting
  • Reminder of the seminar, details (time, place, address)
  • Notification of changes in the schedule
  • Sending special offers

SMS will help to solve following tasks:

  • Send the payment confirmation.

Example: “Dear John! Your payment for the seminar that begins on the January 17-th”.

  • Send information about the place and time of the workshop or a seminar.

Example: “The seminar Time Management will be held on the 19-th of December in Paradise Business Center at 11 Victory Ave. Beginning at 7.30 pm.”

  • Sending reminders.

Example: “Eugene, we remind you that this webinar will be held at 7 pm. Please follow the link to take part in it.”

  • Emergency information on the changes of time or the seminar.

Example: “Attention! Workshop Make him love you changes place – it will be held in Paradise Business Center at 6 pm.”

  • Sending unique codes for discounts.

Example: “Sign up at www.AllWebinars.ru, get the code, call 8 (800) 000-00-00 and tell the code to get 30% discount on course Forever Young. The course starts at 11-th of January”.

SMS marketing is able to free the seminar master from many efforts, allowing them to concentrate on the topics.

While organizing the workshop take into account following points:

  • What is your workshop aimed for?
  • Is your company engaged in carrying out training courses and seminars, or webinars also?
  • What is your global objective? Is it to help people who want to realize themselves in life?
  • What are people there on your team? Is there psychologists, coaches, each of whom is working in his direction.
  • What is your target audience? Do you conduct workshops for young people, women, couples, parents, business start-ups, etc.? Each of our leading is an expert in their field?
  • How to collect the database for the bulk SMS?
  • Ask all of your clients to fill out a questionnaire in which include the selected areas of interest and leave their number for subscription on the news.
  • In practice, the vast majority of subscribers are interested in self-development.
  • How can you use the SMS?
  • At the next seminar, for example, if you have in your team a new specialist, to develop a program to reduce the mental and physical pain with the help of meditative practices, you can inform this seminar by SMS.

You can put this information on your website also and also notify all the customers who are interested in self-development via SMS.

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Posted on: July 12, 2017Ana Nichols