Open up the Greatest Advantages of IP-telephony

Open up the Greatest Advantages of IP-telephony


One of the great engineering achievements of the twentieth century is wide access to the public telephone network. In many countries, the users experience some downtime in just 5 minutes per user per year or even less, equivalent to 99.99905% of availability.

Although the original structure of the Internet assumed that, the network would withstand the loss of some critical links. This has only recently become the goal of developers and manufacturers of Internet equipment. The quality of the Internet service as a whole still loses to the telephone service.

Thus, it is possible that telephone calls over the Internet are less accessible than calls over public telephone networks. (Some commentators have noted that the availability of telephone networks is declining due to the termination of regulation and that the availability of an individual system is less important, given the widespread distribution of multiple intersecting mobile networks.)

Additional factors can undermine the potential availability of Skype.

Since the Skype client depends on the identification of the username and password, it is possible that the entire Skype network will cease to function if the Skype identity servers fail or for other reasons cease to be available.

Existing VoIP systems do not have such a problem, although those systems that rely on a single gateway service will experience a common failure if this gateway fails.

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Posted on: May 11, 2017Ana Nichols