VOIP Calls a Way to Reduce Costs on International Communication being on Business Trip

VOIP Calls a Way to Reduce Costs on International Communication being on Business Trip

Let’s recall what is VoIP!

VOIP (Voice over IP or Voice over internet protocol) is the technology for sending voice packets over broadband, DSL lines using internet protocol which is the transport layer protocol of the OSI (open systems interchange model) has evolved considerably since it began after the dot-com bubble in 2000. Major development began in early 2001 with device driver programmers, c, c++ programmers having extended working hours for months on end. Major advancement came in the form of mass VOIP services that utilized existing broadband, DSL connections for sending a fax, SMS, making calls using VOIP same way as people did with conventional PSTN (public switched telephone network).

VoIP Reduces Communication Costs

VOIP also referred to as IP telephony is really sending of digitized voice packets over existing internet lines. During this communication, these packets follow the same rules that other data packets for browsing the internet or other network communication follow. Most of us have heard of Skype, which is the second generation VOIP application, it gives free calls from the application to application but charges for connecting from application to a regular phone through PSTN. In such scenario, packet switched network (digital voice packet) of Skype connects to a Public switched telephone network (analog voice data). Instead of using twisted pair cables for communications these digital communications take place over very high-speed optic fiber cables where data packets are sent as light signals, so you can imagine how fast the data packets would travel.

VoIP Solutions on the Market

As data packets travel sequentially in this communication, a checksum is applied on arrival for checking the data packets to see if any packets were lost, if all is well then the packets are sent forward and if certain packets were lost than data packets would be requested again from the originating node. As packets are sent sequentially it slows down the communication so there is some latency experienced with these Internet phones that operate VOIP but considering the cost which is zero it is still good if you have to make an international call for free. After Skype came the third generation of VOIP applications, one of the popular application for this is google talk, callnspeak etc.

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Posted on: November 16, 2017Ana Nichols